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Integrating dSCR with Conventional IRS Systems – Training Course with Eurosat, East

On Thursday 16th June 2016, Whyte had themselves another successful training day with Eurosat, East. This training day took place at Colchester Football Club in the Executive Box.

Each of the attendees learned about dSCR system planning and the integration with standard IRS systems. By the end of the course, each attendee knew how to integrate dSCR into existing IRS systems without affecting the reliability of the existing system.

The launch of SkyQ has created the need to enhance existing IRS systems using the new dSCR multiswitches. Our course introduces the new dSCR multiswitches by  easily examining the challenge to redesign and re-commission existing IRS Systems, in order for installers to ensure secure system reliability.

Thank you to Eurosat, East, for training with us! And thank you to Colchester United Football Club for great hospitality and facilities to present the training course at their premises.


Leon Georgiou and attendees at Colchester Football Club


Instructor: Leon Georgiou


Instructor: Leon Georgiou


Great view of the pitch!


Branch Manager: John Ashton Attendees: Eugene Renford, Trevor Bell, Colin Risley, David Elderfield


Leon and Attendees getting started on their training course