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Advanced IRS System Planning, Commissioning, Testing and Fault Finding – Grax Nottingham

If you’ve done the IRS System Training course, then this is a great follow on course. This course is more suitable to those who have some experience in IRS Installation. So if you are involved in Planning & Installation of IRS Systems then this is not a seminar which you would wish to miss.

Where the IRS System Training course is all about learning how to install and plan an IRS System the easy way, the Advanced Training Course is about learning how to quickly and easily identify and resolve system problems on live IRS Systems using the latest Promax Spectrum Analysers.

Needless to say, we had a great time. First, Leon quickly skimmed over IRS Installation and Planning in just a few slides and then came the fun part. We quite enjoyed the System Fault Finding Practical. This is the part of the course where we set live faults on a live Whyte IRS System, which is mounted on to a training board. We then resolve the faults using the latest Promax Spectrum Analysers. They did an excellent job in restoring the system to working order and they each received their certificates of completion.

Whyte would like to say thank you to Grax Nottingham for supporting the course and having us train at your premises. Your hospitality is much appreciated. Also thank you to all attendees who came. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and hope to see you again at another course!


Congratulations and well done, guys! Definitely earned your certificates 🙂


Thanks to Grax Manchester for their hospitality!